Live From The Light

Welcome Lightworkers.  The truly gifted are already assured that our hands hold only love and our hearts are pure.  Like you, we are lightworkers; operating with the same ultimate objective, to spread love, light and healing throughout the world…only using different tools.  Yours is your gifted intuition and pure heart.  Ours is the ability to translate those gifts and intuition into a top notch radio show production that the masses will love and learn from.  We have open arms and good intentions for all good people who are truly driven to share overflowing love and all the beauty that can be spread to as many people as they can.  For us, the intention has always been to use our immense access to the airwaves and nearly half century of radio & TV experience, training and skills to only uplift, inspire and enlighten our audience.  We spread light.  We are pretty good at that.  So much so, that we assessed early in our career that to create the perfect broadcast, we should work with only the very gifted lightworkers.

You probably are doing the same; looking for a very gifted broadcast producer to truly reach and inspire the hearts of a huge audience.  After all, it takes two types of experts to create the perfect broadcast team.  The talent in front and the talent behind the scenes.  It’s a formula that has worked for every successful broadcast there ever was since broadcasting was created.  The subject of the broadcast is on camera and there is a separate talent working behind it.  For instance, a host takes a phone call on the air while a producer answers telephones and gathers caller names and locations behind the scenes, providing this information to the host in advance of the call.  When you have the most intuitive psychic radio host and the most experienced broadcast producer, you end up with a top notch psychic radio or TV show.  It’s a simple formula.

Which leads us to you.  You see, we have a rather rare talent to spot truly gifted intuitives who can potentially morph into perfect radio hosts.  We can find the type of radio host that makes our radio & television network look and sound great; while keeping our networks’ pristine, decade old reputation in tact.  We were full-time in the traditional broadcast business well before A1R Psychic Radio was born and more than 15 years before anyone ever heard of the internet.  Creating A1R Psychic Radio was not only a labor of love, it was a labor of life.

So, once again, welcome friend.  We know all about you and your gifts; and look forward to truly creating broadcast magic with you.

A Little (Lot Of) Background

A1R Psychic Radio is made up of full-time broadcasters who have been working full-time in broadcasting since 1980.  We have not only endured, our track record is full of successes as on-air talent, program director, operations manager, regional VP, sales manager, promotions director, general manager and chief engineer.  Our directors & staff has worked for the biggest broadcast companies in the US like Clear Channel (now iHeartRadio), Cumulus, Entercom, Curtis Media, Max Media, Sinclair and many more.

Very few can come close to creating the production we can.  Further, we promote you and your show to both the broadcast industry & general audiences in very powerful ways.  Our incredible, hands-on successes with operating multi-million dollar radio stations for huge US radio companies has gifted us with an insight beyond most any other broadcaster or producer, large or small.  We understand every aspect of your show; from the fast-paced operation it takes behind the scenes to produce a great psychic broadcast to the emotionally connected perspective of someone sitting in the talent’s chair.  As broadcast lightworkers, our hearts are always in the right place and our skills are always dialed up to 10.

We’ve endured in a very competitive industry because we are in demand.  We are in demand because we are successful.  We are always successful because we “get it”… and have the talent to consistently deliver it.  As an A1R Psychic Radio host, you are in very good hands.

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