Our dream of creating the perfect psychic radio broadcast has always propelled us – throughout our history. And we get closer to achieving it every day. With every concept, every development and every broadcast production. Along the way, we follow a plan, an ideal that unites us all. We refer to it simply as our core principle. Always get the most out of everything. From day one, we have strived to translate psychic intuition into broadcast – and success – in the most intelligent way possible. It’s no longer all about listeners, but more positive and permanent impressions per listener. This principle is embodied in every single one of our shows.

A1R Psychic Radio is a unique broadcaster with strong ideals. Our values and philosophies permeate through everything we do to ensure that we always remain true to our principles. We constantly meet our own high demands and have a definite idea about who we are and how we approach things. As a result, despite what others may be doing, we at A1R Psychic Radio actively seek to stretch boundaries and are committed to continual improvement.

Based on the principle of achieving maximum output from minimum input, this broadcast philosophy is integral to each and every one of our shows since day one.


Shaping the future of the metaphysical broadcasting industry – this is the theme of behind the partnership of A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV.  The broadcast of the future will blend the history and values of traditional metaphysical spirituality with the newest and most innovative technologies, while at the same time ensuring broad access for each show host & positive brand exposure for all. In achieving this, production quality, professionalism, promotion savvy, empathy for every listener and a fast & growing hyper-connectivity between our studio and our audience will play an important role.

Embracing these topics will allow us to shape the metaphysical broadcast industry of tomorrow. Nevertheless, with all the innovations and changes in front of us, one thing remains constant: Any show that carries the A1R Psychic Radio or Moonstruck TV logo will also feature the excellent quality that is synonymous with it.  

Here, it’s all about a higher presentation to the audience – right from the very first moment. The overriding principle: experience will overcome a bad impression – ensuring your introduction to the world is superior on every level. In this way, you can finely hone your hosting skills, step by step, while never sacrificing your image. From the basics of preparing your first show through to the audio that comes out of your listeners’ speakers..

At A1R Psychic Radio we offer great production facilities, an incredible psychic radio broadcast brand and the most experienced producers available. It’s no wonder, that many of our hosts make use of their new skills to improve their psychic related businesses. And to take another step closer to their core goal: even more opportunities to share their gifts the entire world.