Here are some of the “frequently asked questions” we encounter with new hosts.  If your question is not listed, just drop us an email here.  We like to leave no question unanswered.

Can I have guests on my show?
-Of course.  Just give our studio some advance notice and we’ll handle all the connections from our end.

What will I need to start my own show?
-A basic USB headset, an HD webcam (most are), a decent connection to the internet for Skype and your purpose set to do a great show..

Where can I listen to my show?
-All over the web.  Our direct stream at ask1radio.com is served by separate locations all over the world so it always has the quickest & most solid connection.  The A1R Psychic Radio CDN is worldwide.  Plus there is always iTunes, Roku, Reciva, TuneIn, and lots of other places.

How many listeners does your station have listening?
-If our bandwidth bill each month is any indication, a whole lot.  Many more terabytes than your average radio stream.  However, we never track exact numbers as there is no true & honest way to do this.  Instead of providing a guess, we provide no statistical data at all.

Do I need to sign a contract for your services?
-The only agreement we have between us is included in the host application.  Basically, you agree to be with us for an initial 90 days and, should you decide to stop advancing your brand with us, agree to provide a minimum of 30 days notice.  That’s it.

Can I have sponsors in my show?
-Yes, as many as you like.

How many callers can I have in my show?
-We limit our 28 minute shows to two (2) callers per show.  This ensures high quality readings instead of “assembly line” calls.

Do I have to have callers in my show?
-No.  Teaching shows are excellent as well.

What kind of topics can I talk about on the air?
-Anything… just keep it clean.  We are listed as appropriate for all audiences in every directory we are included in.

Can I mention my website?

Who listens to A1R Psychic Radio?
-Our target audience is 70% Female/30% Male, Ages 18-64.  Our core demographic target is 90% Female/10% Male Ages 25-54.

Where can I find your app?
-In the Google Play app store, in the iPhone app store and as an Alexa “skill” for your Amazon Echo.