A1R Host Agreement & Show Info

As of March 26, 2014

-You will need to make sure to check your connections before your show time. Try to reboot but do this a hour before your show just in case your computer starts installing updates.

-Close everything down on your computer except for Skype and make sure your cell phone is in another room so that nothing will mess with your connection during your LIVE show.

-We recommend that you do a Skype echo test before each show and you will need to have a USB microphone headset to do your show…you want a great sounding show.

-We will add your show to the player when its done being edited and produced this could take up to week but we always try to get them finished as soon as possible.

-Each show that you do goes into a rotation with other radio shows and airs for two weeks.

-Your shows are LIVE . Be ready to start your show on time. If not available we will play one of your re run shows in your time slot.

-We do not take holidays off due to our international audience if your show lands on Christmas we will here! You may do your show or play a repeat show if you have plans.

-Also, if you are in a different time zone than us (EST US) please make sure to remember Daylight Savings Time changes.  Always convert to US Eastern time.

-If you are unable to do your show LIVE send your show producer Dave a Skype message and he will play a repeat show of your choice (or ours) in your time slot.

(ask1radio) is your producers Skype address

-We produce your music intro for your show.

-Your show time is 28 minutes or 13 minutes and the time slot is exclusive to you.

-Have a topic ready for your show each week – you will get up to two callers during your show make sure you take time with your caller. You do not have to have a caller in your show its up to you. Let your show producer know if you are not taking callers.

-Let us know if you have a guest and be sure they add our Skype before the show.  We do not send out Skype requests.

-All show Skype sessions originate from our studio.  Please do not call the studio ever.  We may be trying to call you.

-Your show producer name is Dave and Skype address is ask1radio

-Production and fees are pre-billed each month and due by the 5th of each month. If they are received after the 5th, a $50 late will be added to cover our costs for late payment.

-Make sure to tag A1R Psychic Radio on Facebook and Twitter if you use social media – great hashtags #psychicradio #A1R #talkradio and any hashtags that you would like to use.

-Join our A1R Psychic Radio Hosts group page and scroll and check out all the posts from the beginning its a great way to get more insights on hosting a psychic radio show.

-Join our social network Psychic Faces to be featured too – www.psychicfaces.com

-You can add our A1R Psychic Radio player to your site easily.  Just ask us for the code.

-You may have guests, sponsors, promotions during your show.

-We will be happy to help you with ideas for your show if needed.

-A1R Psychic Radio requires a two (2) month notice if, at any time, you plan on cancelling your show or your commercial package. We do not start any show/commercial package on A1R Psychic Radio without this clause.  If you cancel your show/commercial package within the first 90 days, a charge of $95.00 must be applied to cover our costs for  audio/video production, graphics, show intros & web design; all initiated at our cost. We pay that up front fees to get your show/commercial started. Any changes to your picture, bio or anything on our website or on the air will cost $95 but we will waive fee for one change after one year on the air.  Commercials can be updated every six months and will last for a duration of six months afterward.

-A1R Psychic Radio owns 100% of all audio & video show rights we produce together.  We are allowed to use all video or the host without restriction continuing in perpetuity.

-While many of our hosts have been here for five years or more, we ask all hosts to host their show for 6 months as an initial term.  We have limited times available.

-We are lightworkers who spread love with our radio network.  We help our beautiful listeners through difficult times and, often, give hope to so many. We only wish to associate with those of the same mindset.

-We are honored to work with you.