Every A1R Psychic Radio show is a broadcast quality premium production. We are passionate about it. Whether your show is about psychic, medium, tarot or astrology, or whether it involves callers with questions or is a fully instructional timeslot. We produce broadcast quality shows as standard because, fortunately, we’ve done nothing else since 1980.

Sharp intuition and a high degree of sensitivity are essential when editing, promoting, producing, filtering and adjusting your show in order to ensure that the broadcast elements are handled with the required level of care to create a unique broadcast that is designed specifically for you… and the listening habits of your audience. We are true broadcast empaths; passionately connected to your broadcast. No other show creator can match the sensitivity of the highly complex production tools that we use: our hearts.

Media OptionsA1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TVAM, FM & TV StationsAudio Blogs "Shows"Audio Blog Brokers
Broadcasts a live stream 24/7Yes, both A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV broadcast live 24/7. We rebroadcast your show multiple times through the week.Yes. All three generally broadcast 24/7.Rarely. You may be able to do your show live; but there doesn't seem to be any option for rebroadcasting.Rarely, if ever. All shows usually end up in archives and do not get rebroadcast.
Full fidelity audio as standard for all hosts.Absolutely. 44.1 kHz, Stereo 16 bit for both live stream and archives.Usually, but not always.Traditionally low bandwidth, worse than AM radio or a weak phone line.Audio is usually not too good. Quality is often lower than a voicemail service.
Veteran broadcastersYes. Since 1980, we have managed, programmed & been drive-time on-air talent in large US markets for companies like Clear Channel (iHeart), Entercom, Cumulus and many more. Our track record is full only of radio ratings successes.Yes, though most AM & FM radio stations are programmed by people with far less experience. Corporate radio has found cost savings in using computers to create radio programming.Probably not.Probably not. These are usually run by someone who has very limited (if any) experience in radio.
Global CDN network delivery of broadcasts.Yes, absolutely. We distribute our site & your shows through a global CDN (with speed enhancement) making our site, video & audio closer (and faster) to each member of our audience, no matter where they are.Sometimes larger group owned stations will do this, but rarely.Somewhat. If they do, it's something created for the blogging service itself.Depends on the free service they are brokering.
One studio phone line for listeners to remember.Yes. We have three lines that reach three continents... and they never change. Our toll-free 888 line for North America (888-454-ASK1) and a local line in both London, England & Sydney, Australia.Yes, but usually just one local line. Most stations do not try to serve areas larger than their broadcast signal.Sometimes, depends on the package. Odds are you'll be stuck with a local number in Houston or New York state and your audience may have to pay phone charges to call your show.Numerous numbers. A different one for each show. As they are just brokering audio blog accounts, one BlogTalk broker can have 20 or more different numbers.
Performs post production editing, processing and trimming of every show.Yes indeed. Your archive show will likely be heard by even more people thsn your live show. We break out every audio tool possible to be sure it's the best it can be.Probably not. Psychics who do appearances on radio are live only... and there is no post production.Probably not.Probably not.
Full-time host promotion on station website front page.Yes. Your picture and name will always appear twice on our front page. Sometimes, it will appear three times.Maybe. Perhaps for a day or so before your appearance.No.Probably not.
Brand draw for audience.A1R Psychic Radio has been around longer than a decade; always investing in new equipment and producing top notch shows that always specialize in psychic and psychic/medium programming. Our brand is very solid with the world.These stations usually have great brand maintenance.Very solid brand name as something that even teenagers can do. An "everyman's" audio bologging ("radio show") solution.; however, it's broad branding. These sites are usually based around one lead psychic. Perceptually, the audience percieves it as a group of audio stored on the lead psychic's audio blogging account.
Provides video for your show both live and in archives.Yes. Video both live and in archives.For TV, usually (if they archive.) For AM & FM, outside larger cities, probably not. No.Rarely, and often with free tools or services.
Studio setup.Our radio & TV studio setup is fully industry grade hardware. 17 computers, mixer boards, audio & video processing, rack mounted equipment.Their radio & TV studio setup is usually industry grade hardware. Many computers, mixer boards, audio & video processing, rack mounted equipment.No, it is "cloud" based.Probably not. If so, look for inexpensive, consumer grade equipment in the studio.
Website is SSL secure and connects with the secure "https://" address.Yes, we feel it is important to our hosts & listeners.Sometimes. This is slowly being adopted.Not at last check.Probably not.
Owns an actual government licensed FM radio station that it controls.Yes we do. WBWT-FM in Greenville, SC... 101.5 The Beat. Licensed by the FCC in 2014.Of course, they are government licensed broadcasters.No.No.
Allows you to address callers by name instead of a number (area code).Absolutely. We screen all calls for name & location. We then pass that on to the host before they take the caller on the air.Usually, professional broadcasters have call-screeners who pass on the name of each caller to the host.No. This service usually forces you to address callers by their area code. "Hi is 202 there? 202?"No. Just the area code is passed through to the host. They can only provide the free service they are brokering to you.